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Programs and Services

Child friendly facilities in each county

The Center operates full service offices in Pekin, Eureka and Havana.  Each location has a family waiting area, team observation room and interview room equipped with closed circuit access.  Interview rooms feature recording equipment, allowing audio and DVD recording of each child interview.


Specially trained child interviewers

Each county has trained forensic interviewers available to provide forensic interviews of children ages 3-17.


Advocacy for child victims and their supportive caregivers

The Center's Case Managers and Family Advocate assist families during the investigative process and prosecution of the case.


Case Management including court preparation for child victims

Center staff work with the county's state's attorney to assure children are ready for court procedures.


Free on-site crisis counseling

Crisis counseling, provided by licensed therapists, is available in Pekin and Eureka.  Arrangements for 6 to 8 sessions are flexible and set at the family's convenience.  These services are free of charge for clients, and funded by grants and donations.


Referrals for medical examinations

The Center partners with the Pediatric Resource Center in Peoria for child abuse medical examinations.  These exams are provided by trained nurse practitioners and physicians with extensive training in physical abuse and sexual abuse exams.


Linkage to community resources

Center staff have knowledge of local agencies that help families and provides assistance in accessing programs and services.


Coordinating the multidisciplinary team

Multidisciplinary team members meet regularly to discuss cases.  Center staff coordinate these meetings and provide updates to team members and supportive family members.


School prevention and community education

Prevention education programs are available for preschool and early elementary children, utilizing body safety strategies.  The center staff also welcomes opportunities to educate community members on child abuse issues.

For information on the prevention education programs, please see the Resource section of this website.

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